THRIFT believes that it is always attitude, rather than aptitude that leads to altitude.
  Since 2002 we have been working in & out of formal education to inspire learners to develop their attitudes. We believe the world needs people who can dare themselves to do things differently & create their own solutions to the problems they face
  Starting with a foundation of self confidence, we seek to develop six core competencies, which we believe drive the process of daring to be different. These are:
  Risk – seeking prosperity with uncertainty of outcome
  Play – transforming through imagination
  Focus – to engage in the power of the moment
  Yes – positive actions and attitudes
  Community – exploring and learning together
  Curiosity – the spirit of enquiry
  We believe that the best way to develop these competencies is during carefully facilitated experiences, using the arts to push against boundaries and possibilities, allowing us to explore the potential for change.
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